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Why Hiring Restaurant Marketing Companies Is Better Than DIY the Marketing Yourself

There is no doubt that restaurant marketing has changed over the latest decades. Instead of walking around the street, people are looking for a place to eat something good on Google Maps. Of course, this means you need a suitable marketing strategy. To be precise, you probably need help from restaurant marketing companies.


But first, let me give you an overview of how digital marketing works at a restaurant.


How Restaurant Marketing Companies Work with clients

It’s seven o’clock at night, and you crave a hamburger. You are leaving a meeting in a part of the city that you do not know so well, and you do not want to wait in traffic for more than an hour before eating. You take out your phone, and google “hamburger in the neighborhood x.” A couple of options appear on the screen, and you start reading user reviews. You realize that you can walk 5 minutes to the nearest burger shop, which has a positive evaluation and amazing photos of Instagram dishes.

Finding your favorite new burger joint has not been pure luck. To make this possible, the establishment was registered in Google My Business and Facebook. They created a profile on Tripadvisor, developed a content strategy for social networks, and invested in Google advertising to appear on the first page of search results. Besides, the website for mobile devices was optimized so you could see it right from your phone.

In other words, an entire digital strategy was created and implemented by the restaurant so that you could find this establishment instead of its competition. If this is how you choose where to eat, why would it be different from future diners in your restaurant?

Attracting and engaging diners are among the biggest challenges facing the restaurant industry, and digital marketing is an essential ally in this process.

Restaurant Marketing Companies, Is it Easy?

It seems easy on the paper. However, if you start practicing it yourself, it might take some time to get used to deal with the system. Unfortunately, most of the restaurant owners can’t keep up with the process and end up hiring the professional to do the marketing stuff.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this article is not to scare you to DIY the process. However, our goal is to make you realize some benefits that you will get when hiring restaurant marketing companies as your digital marketing agency to help your restaurant grow. Let’s begin!


#1 Experience, Knowledge and Update, is the Main Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

The agencies usually have enough experience in the field of online marketing. This is as much in the individual of each member of the organization, as of the company as a whole.

On the part of individuals, you find people of all kinds: content creators, art directors, designers, programmers, webmasters, administrators, account executives, social media managers, and community managers.

All these people have a long career as either freelance workers, within other organizations and of course as, part of the agency itself.

Besides, people in advertising and marketing agencies are continually studying and updating themselves in the field. This includes reading eBooks and specialized blog articles, attending courses and webinars. They perform constant search for content that will enrich their work, among others.

Whether it is Individuals or agency. They already have worked for different clients in different industries. They know what kind of strategies are appropriate in each case. There is a say: practice makes perfect.


#2 It allows you to dedicate yourself to your business

Hiring a digital agency allows you as owner or administrator of your company, commit yourself fully to this. This way, you will not need to be behind them all the time.

When you dedicate time to your online marketing, you end up neglecting the task of carrying the day to day in your organization. This will also mean that the results of your strategy are not the best.

Instead, an agency will devote the time and effort necessary to promote your business on the web. While they do it, you can manage your business in the way you see fit.

You focus on what you do well in your business, while the professionals of the agency are responsible for your digital strategy.


#3 You will have a team that supports you

The agency is made up of a group of people. When you hire the services of an agency, you do not employ a single person, but a work team.

This does not necessarily mean that when you hire a company like that, you hire every one of its members – even if you employ all the services they offer.

What happens is that you are assigned an account executive. This will develop the strategy and will be in contact with you. You will also be in charge of a team of specialists in the services you have contracted, according to the signed contract and the service level agreement. Although of course, this varies between agencies, that is basically how it works.

Regardless of the case, the responsibility of your strategy will fall on the assigned account executive. At the same time, it will fall on your work team, not on a single person who does everything and nothing at once.


#4 An Agency Works Based on the Needs of your Company

For a digital agency, it is best that your clients receive the services they need. No more and no less than that.

The reason is that, these companies are better suited to have satisfied customers who see an impact in terms of a good ROI (return on investment) and compliance with objectives. Thus, they will have loyal and happy customers with their services.

It is important to emphasize that sometimes, what you (the client) wants differs from what you actually need.

For example, the owner of a business may believe that it is best to set up a static website and tweet daily. However, it may be more convenient for the efforts to focus on another social network such as Facebook publishing from time to time and the writing of content in a blog within your website.

  • That is why a good understanding between the contracting company (the client) and the service provider (the agency) is crucial.
  • The case above is achieved with effective communication when hiring the service and for the duration of this. It would help if you always told the agency what you want to make. This can be to increase sales, to let people know your brand, and more.
  • There are several ways to achieve a goal. In terms of digital marketing, agencies will know what is best.





#5 Professionalism and Responsibility: Forget Failed Improvisations and Upstart People

Something that characterizes good digital marketing agencies is professionalism and responsibility. When you hire one, they will surely treat each project as if it were for themselves.

On the other hand, when unproven personnel is hired or, worse, the favor is requested from unqualified people, such as family and friends, the results are usually disastrous.

Can you imagine how you or someone you know would bring a reputation crisis online? With the agency, you should not worry at all.

In the agency, there will always be people responsible for the services you request. For example: to keep your website up to date, to publish the necessary in social networks and interact with clients in these, and more.

This will hardly happen if only you or someone without knowledge or experience is in charge of the digital strategy.


#6 Safe investment

The data is vital to measure the performance and profitability of your project. What does a digital marketing agency offer you for companies?

  • An investigation of the keywords for the optimization of the SEO in the search engines,
  • a chronogram of tracking of your website with Google Analytics,
  • a plan of conversions by means of ads for payment (SEM),
  • a campaign plan of email marketing, an analysis of the competition and a report on what they think of your brand on the Internet.

A good agency presents a record of the most important metrics to determine the productivity of the campaigns. The team writes weekly, monthly or annual reports on campaigns and audits of the website to make the best decisions in digital marketing.

The use of some marketing tools can be a high cost for small and medium enterprises. However, being in charge of a digital marketing team is more comfortable to take advantage of their functions. All these methods are framed within a Plan for the Return of Investment (ROI).


#7 Restaurant Marketing Companies Reduce costs

Contrary to what many people think, hiring a digital marketing agency for SMEs is cheaper than managing an internal team. As independent contractors, the payment of payroll taxes is eliminated, as well as employee benefits such as medical care. Under this mode of work you should only worry about running your company, but without leaving aside the digital marketing of it.


 #8 Restaurant Marketing Companies Investigate the environment

The good example is imitated. Before establishing a company, the first thing is to study the competition; Take your good strategies and adapt them according to the parameters of your business model. The same happens in the digital issue. An agency with credibility conducts constant investigations of the environment; of the target audience, potential customers and competitors to then draw up an effective action plan.


#9 Restaurant Marketing Companies Humanize your business

Statistics can determine whether a digital marketing plan is moving in the right direction, but there is another essential factor. It is consumer loyalty. How a digital marketing agency knows how loyal your  customers of your company? Simple: because he knows your company thoroughly; values, mission, vision, needs, target audience and the characteristics of the product or service.

Once that information is finalized, the agency elaborates promotional messages through the most suitable channels and platforms. At this point, we make a parenthesis, the signals must go beyond a slogan as “we offer the best service,” “we are the pioneers in the sector” or “we have the best prices in the market.” The messages must tell stories – always attached to the concept of the product or service. They must generate emotions in the user and more than consumers must create ambassadors for your company.



#10 Instant Creativity

The hiring of a digital marketing agency for SMEs is essential to expand your business faster than implementing traditional marketing techniques. The periodic meetings between the agency and the owner are of utmost importance. The parties involved must be on the same page writing at the same pace. Innovative ideas, new strategies, and creative processes can easily come to boost the company’s image on the web. Promotional messages must be attractive. Reusing valued content already published but not abusive is a must. Digital marketing specialist knows it the best.


 #11 Restaurant Marketing Companies offer Solutions in crises

Every digital marketing agency for companies handles a protocol or a crisis manual in case of unfavorable results or negative comments from users. As the agency-owner relationship unfolds, difficult conversations will be presented that should be addressed in the best way. The agency must perform a series of solutions to safeguard the online image as offline of your company.


#12 Restaurant Marketing Companies Value your human capital

A good agency also implements strategies to publicize the performance of your human resources on platforms or social networks. The efforts and ideas are not only aimed at sales. They are aimed at highlighting the role of those who make the operation of your company possible.

How to choose a digital marketing agency for your restaurant business?

  • Analyze and study several marketing agencies and hire the one that best aligns with your work methodology.
  • Remove from your list of those agencies that promise immediate results. Digital marketing is a slow process. It is full of trial, and error.
  • Ask for references from the agency, read the comments and testimonials on social networks or their website.
  • Find out what your client portfolio is and has been.
  • Meet the agency team through social networks, most likely have a profile on Google+, Facebook, MailChimp, Yelp, LinkedIn or Glassdoor.
  • Check the prices of the services before specifying with the agency.

The digital sector is so changeable that it can look overwhelming. However, do not forget that with an excellent digital agency that studies, analyzes, plans and creates before starting a campaign, you will be hiring the services of professionals who care about your business.

Are you looking for a reliable team that can boost your restaurant business? Our team has helped similar business just like you to keep their customers come everyday. If you have any doubt or question. Do not hesitate to ask. We are here not only to help, but to grow with you together!

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