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How to Choose the Best Restaurant Marketing Agency In 2019

Internet marketing for restaurant is crucial. Both large multinationals and small restaurants, are clear about the importance of having their presence on the internet and social networks. Sometimes, the restaurant can afford to have an internal communication, advertising or digital marketing department. However, even with this equipment, some restaurants choose to outsource this service.

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you start to realize that it may be worth leaving the marketing side of your restaurant business to the professional internet marketer. For this, it is essential to choose a digital Restaurant Marketing agency that adapts to your needs and saves you time.


What digital restaurant marketing agencies can do:

  • The best digital marketing agencies are experts in the subject of digital communication. They will elaborate an entire digital strategy (worth the redundancy), which has specific elements, which are considered when calculating the ROI of the digital action. The team also helps you to measure the performance of your investment, and so you will know if it was efficient or not.
  • The agency knows perfectly the service or product offered by its client as if it were its own. In this way, the client’s investment is optimized.
  • Likewise, it must have a team of creative professionals, specializes in digital advertising, graphic designers, web programmers, among other highly trained professionals.
  • Create strategies that guarantee the success of the company.
  • Its cost is more convenient than having one’s marketing area.
  • Has some specialization based on the experience of clients?




Tips for choosing a digital marketing agency for your restaurant


1.Restaurant Digital Marketing Portfolio

First of all, I recommend that you look for an agency that has in the portfolio examples that adapt to what you need. If you have a buffet of lawyers or a restaurant, the ideal thing is to go to an agency specialized in the particular sector. It is because the experience counts a lot and will save you time in explaining what the priorities and technical language of the buffet or the restaurant are.


Once in you get the portfolio, look for examples of similar projects so you can see how they have developed their communication. Therefore, you have an idea of the graphics solutions they implemented in the campaigns to know their style. Look at the quantity and quality of your customers.

2.Restaurant Digital Marketing Experience

One way to see the level of knowledge and professionalism that the agency has is to read its corporate blog. Look at the number of entries they have and the level of interaction. From the blog, you should find useful and valuable content that gives you a little light to your needs. From the blog, it should be clear that they know what they talk about and especially that they like.


3.Restaurant Digital Marketing Reputation and Presence

To choose a Digital Marketing agency, it is essential to see the level of influence and interaction they have in the online environment. That is, would you trust the communication of your Fan Page to an agency that does not have Facebook likes? On the other hand, if the agency promises you 2000 likes on Facebook per month, look how many likes they have. The agency should be an example of the image it sells. Your website and your social networks should be your best selling point.


4.Restaurant Digital Marketing Team

In a restaurant marketing agency, there are people with knowledge about advertising. They understand digital strategy, web design and development, responsive web, and management of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G +, Pinterest, among others). There is also an agency that focuses on SEO and SEM.

5.Restaurant Digital Marketing Offices

The best restaurant marketing agency does not necessarily have to have fabulous offices. If you have such fantastic offices, you will probably see it reflected in the budget.


6.Restaurant Digital Marketing Flexibility

Today, one of the most striking factors is the ease of payment, financing or the agency’s adaptability to the resources available to the client.


7.Restaurant Digital Marketing Perception

Before hiring the agency, I would recommend that you meet them and let yourself be taken a bit by the knowledge they have conveyed to you. Are they proactive or waiting for your directions? At the end of the day, if it is your agency, it is better to get a good feeling, because you will see each other very often and fluency and excellent communication is very important.


I hope that with these little tips you can get an idea of how to choose a digital marketing agency that suits your needs well and be the team of professionals you need to make the services or products of your company reach the right audience. Now, let’s continue to next part.



Do I Need To Hire Digital Marketing Professionals For My Restaurant?

Delegating your presence and reputation on the Net to a professional or an agency is an important decision you must make. After all, it is a choice that will have an impact on your work structure, on the website (or online store) and on how to communicate or advertise. All this always focused on greater visibility of your business and, therefore, a higher ROI or return on investment.


To achieve good figures in terms of conversion, we talk about time, effort and dedication, as well as technical and market knowledge. In many occasions, the entrepreneurs or their team do not have enough time to dedicate themselves to work on their marketing strategy or plan (for example, a button: everything you need to know to launch a marketing plan for SMEs ). It will be then when they reflect on the possible outsourcing of these services.


How many times have you been told that you should pay attention to your visibility in social networks? Do you receive negative comments or constructive criticism about the usability of your website? Do not you get the return of the desired investment after your first digital advertising campaigns? These signs indicate that you urgently need an online marketing agency. Spend part of your time to sit down and reflect on what you want to show your business on the Internet. You should think about what relationship you want to establish with your customers through these digital channels. Also, what are the objectives to achieve.


If you have a large company with sufficient resources, you are probably considering creating your internal department. Ask yourself whether your team is capable of detecting new opportunities on the internet. On the contrary, you prefer to entrust this function to an outside company or that both options coexist. At least, each one is contributing their know-how in the area they dominate the most.


Errors That Are Made When Contracting Any Restaurant Marketing Agency

It is not about finding an agency that “can” help you or one that is more economically viable, but you should look for “YOUR” agency. This will be the one that better understands you, more confidence transmits you, and whose values and equipment are aligned with those of your company.

Sometimes it happens that, not being familiar with the terms, you listen or read different services and concepts that you do not understand. To begin, it is essential that you ask for each terminology since, in the end, it will be your brand that is in the hands of the agency. After our years of experience, we have learned from a series of situations that our clients experienced and led them to opt for an agency that did not meet their expectations.


Not being clear about your objectives

It is unfeasible for you to consider hiring an online marketing agency without you. As the owner or manager of the company you need to setup what goals you want to achieve. If you do not have them or do not make them clear, you can take surprises when the agency takes control and sets these goals for you. You should also be aware of your needs and limitations.

The cheap can get expensive in the long term

Probably the phrase “cheap is expensive” we have heard each one of us in the mouth of fathers, mothers, grandparents or just friends and applies to each service or product: online marketing or social network management is no exception.

When choosing an agency to work with, you will ask for different budgets, and the figures may be different, depending on the work methodology, the team and the experience of each one. Also study other aspects beyond the economic, since the cheapest offer may not be the most convenient for your company.


Betting on the big agency just for posturing

Maybe you get to hire an agency because of its reputation because the first one has appeared in the search results (general) of Google or just because it “sounds” your name to have worked with large companies.

From our point of view, you should not judge an agency just because of these factors only. As we have said before, work speaks for everyone and is not always odds with billing. So, you value hiring an agency proportional to your company, where you can establish a relationship of partners with the people who will be responsible for working your brand and not disappear after signing the contract for the provision of services.


Hire an agency that is “good” in everything

It is also likely that if you are not clear about some advertising and marketing concepts or if you have not defined your objectives well. You end up betting on the agency that offers more services or for one that claims to be an expert in more areas.

Reflect on whether the agency has the capacity and the sufficient equipment to be so expert in each sector. You deserve more to hire an agency that is focused on where you want to position yourself.

What Good Restaurant Marketing Agency can do

To succeed in the marketing of a restaurant, first of all, we must have a right product (the dishes), a warm atmosphere (furniture, lighting, decoration, music, and more) and a trained team (cooks, waiters, etc.).




These are just a few basic guidelines in restaurant marketing:

1.Have a Professional Website

Today is not enough to have only one page on Facebook or the website that made a friend. You need to have a professional website that represents you.

Remember that many of your customers visited your website, before coming the first time, and there they decided if it was worth or not worth eating in their restaurant.

Elements nd characteristics of a model website for a restaurant:

  • Its design and colors are the true reflection of what the establishment is.
  • The menu is presented in an orderly and clear, with updated prices and photographs.
  • You have the option to make online reservations, through a service such as Open Table.
  • It offers a map of the location and directions to get there.
  • You have a contact telephone and a designated person to answer calls.
  • Your blog includes photos of events (a business meeting, a birthday, a celebrity visit, and more) and promotions such as discount coupons, etc.
  • It has a versatile design or an easy-to-navigate mobile version.
  • From a mobile phone, customers can call the restaurant at the touch of a button (1-tap-to-call).
  • It detects the location of the customer’s mobile (positioning and geolocation) and can give directions to the restaurant.


2.Do Marketing by Email

If you have not already done so, start marketing by email as soon as possible. Put a subscription form on your website and benefit your customers with information, discount coupons, exclusive offers, and more.

If you use an email marketing system like MailChimp (you can start with a free plan) you can send professional-looking newsletters.

On the website of your restaurant locate the registration form in at least two places: Your home page and the page where you have your menu. (If your menu has several pages, so much the better).

3.Use Social Networks

Marketing in social networks is of significant impact in the restaurant industry, an essential tool to promote your business through the internet.

Platforms like Facebook or Twitter can help us create a community around the restaurant. One of the essential advantages of this type of community is that they allow clients to communicate with each other and with you, that is why social networks are said to be word of mouth today.

If you work responsibly, your establishment will benefit from low-cost advertising through these systems.

If you do not know where to start, you can seek the help of a Community Manager.

4.Organize Events in Your Area

Restaurant marketing agency let people know about Mother’s Day lunch, promotions for those who are celebrating their birthday, or specials on Thursdays. Remember to send invitations and reminders to those who already participated.

Use the Facebook event system for customers to register, and give some unique advantage to those who do it first. Facebook works very well, and the news of your event will travel quickly, through the walls of the family and friends of your client.

Are you using some of these strategies in your restaurant? We would like to know about your experience. Do you use Groupon? Foursquare? We would love to hear your opinion.

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