Today, we are going to talk about Google Adwords for restaurants. It is by far, one of the most effective advertising tools that exist. It is known that an eternal question in restaurant is how to get customers consistently.

The answer is simple. It is to stand out in the digital world. A task that is not so easy to achieve, but still possible. You should take the right decisions and actions digitally. Google is the platform that gathers the most used features on the internet. That is why it is essential to draw attention where most customers are.

A brand can get customers organically and without advertising on Google, publishing content correctly and consistently, as well as increasing their interaction with users every day, however, faced with so much competition, betting on it is embarking on a slow path and risky. That’s where Google Adwords has a leading role.

AdWords is the Google tool that allows online advertising campaigns, through ads that appear in the different products of the company.


More than recommended is almost essential for:

  • Be more visible and position the restaurant in searches.
  • Get potential customers.
  • Invest in the form of flexible and current advertising.
  • Make localized advertising in the area where the restaurant is and also global, attracting diners from all over.
  • Well-programmed ads can become a great tool to fill the tables of the business, combined with platforms such as Yelp, Facebook Ads and TripAdvisor Ads.

These are ads that can be published in different places within Google products (search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Maps …) in various formats, such as text-only ads that appear in the first results of searches, and very important for restaurants, such as geolocalized ads, for example.

The system works through bids for keywords, where advertisers, in this case, restaurants, make bets to appear in the first results, when the client searches with those words. Google evaluates and prioritizes ads with the best bids and also those that have the best score (depending on the content of the ad). In this way, a restaurant that makes a good bid for the words “The best T-bone of Bilbao,” could appear in the first or first positions of the search engine when a client does this search.

Moreover, as AdWords says on his page, “pays only for the results.” This means that it is free to sign up for AdWords and the restaurant will pay only if the customer looking for the best “Restaurant in Chicago” clicks on your ad, for example.

It is also interesting to know that there is not a minimum budget to invest in. There is also no minimum time to conduct campaigns. You can schedule an ad marketing plan for 1 year or create a campaign to publish a specific ad to promote a special event.

The essential thing is to have a good strategy and of course a useful landing page or landing page, where users arrive after clicking on the ads, such as the profile of the restaurant in Yelp where people can book directly.

The letter is served, it is varied and succulent. So…


A first step could be to define the objectives of the campaign. They can serve to promote the brand of the restaurant and make it known, to attract all those who seek the gastronomy and style of the restaurant, to advertise specific events or new services.

In this sense, one factor that is being determinant in the searches that customers do in Google, is the location of the restaurants. This is because people have tendency to search for restaurants in the area where they are is growing. So it is also essential to define the radius of action that the ads will have.

Finally, it is crucial to define the device where the ad will be published (computer, mobile, tablets or all) because according to this, different parameters of format will have to be applied to obtain the best results.

FACT: Everything indicates that the ad campaign in Adwords, made for mobiles, with messages that stand out in searches by area, will be the most successful.

With all this information, it is possible to start getting customers through this tool in this link:



One of the most effective ways to get customers in a restaurant is gaining visibility. Today, meeting this goal is relatively easy thanks to Adwords campaigns.

Moreover, as data, we would like to say that Google recently launched “Adwords Express,” a tool that has been designed for local businesses. So, all companies that are related to the sector of bars or restaurants have already had a more available tool to attract customers.

However, before continuing to talk about that tool, we will start talking about the classic Google Adwords. Let’s see what it is, what it is for, even how it works and the benefits it will bring to your business.



Can you get an investment back with 5 cents to get a reserve of 300 Dollars? Of course. Moreover, with this reality, we want to start explaining what an Adwords campaign is.

Adwords is nothing more than an advertising tool offered by Google. With Adwords, you can advertise your restaurant using certain words and offering different call-to-action. So, if you call attention with an ad, with one click you can get an online reservation. At least you can get it if you’ve done the campaign well.

To get a good Adwords campaign for restaurants, it is essential to keep in mind the keywords to use. We are talking about a local business; therefore, it is necessary to mention the city in which it is located, and it is also interesting to refer to the type of food offered. At the end which seeks to go to a restaurant looking for something concrete: “tapas in Granada,” “Thai food in Dallas,” “Paella in Valencia,” and more. Even: “the best restaurant in … in …”.



In general, any restaurant ad should be based on keywords that include the type of cuisine and the location of the restaurant, in the style of “Asian food in Stockholm”, “Vegan in Rome”, “hamburgers in Dallas”, as they are the words that customers will use to search for restoration on Google.


Most people use the phone since we get up until we go to bed. We live in a world focused on these devices, and as we have said before, especially restaurant searches, so it will be more strategic to invest in principle in mobile ads.

In this sense, it will be beautiful to make advertisements with a format which the user can slide their finger. They can see more images of the food. For example, since customers not only want to click on an advertisement, they are now accustomed to interacting more with your screen.


As there are no exact formulas to create the perfect ad, it is best to try different methods until you find the most successful ad, and have a model to follow for each objective. It is not the same as a generic ad to get reservations, that an ad to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the restaurant. Given this, you can do tests regularly, changing the title, description, landing page, and go testing which combination works best in each case.

Millions of customers are on Google looking for where to live a gastronomic experience in different parts of the world. Which restaurant would miss the opportunity to excel in these searches and win so many customers? Surely few, so we encourage you to carry out your Adwords campaigns and thus shine in the digital world.

We also remind you that Yelp and TripAdvisor do our best to make your restaurant stand out from the users’ searches, make sure you have an impressive profile, registering here to start earning twice.

AdWords Strategies for Restaurant
Although you can follow different strategies, it will depend on your objective. We anticipate that you can attract customers by betting on those who know you. So if you’re already known, you can bet on this option and so those potential customers will directly with you and your website.

For example: “Pepe Dallas restaurant” or “Casa Labra Dallas.” You can also try to attract customers by announcing an environment or a type of cuisine: “romantic restaurant in Seville” or “creative cuisine in Dallas.”

However, without any doubt what is not recommended is to choose to bid for generic searches, since in the end it is a search with much competition and it will be sporadic for someone to end up going to your restaurant or booking (for example: “Barcelona restaurant” – NOT recommending).

So, as we have just seen, the operation of a campaign is based on bidding for specific keywords and creating the ad. No more, Besides, you set your budget, duration, you can customize it, and more. There are no closed prices as in conventional advertising. Although all this we are going to see it next.


In the end, the fact of launching an AdWords campaign will gain visibility and make you get customers. Moreover, if you do not understand that client at that time, you will know and even when you want your services will go to your restaurant. Therefore, doing a good campaign will be essential.

Moreover, although in the previous point we have given some brushstrokes of how to make that campaign, we will see in this point concretely how it works.

Currently, with AdWords, you can advertise in various ways or different media. You can choose between Search Network (SEM). Usually, the first results that appear when you search for something on Google and often appear as “ad,” Red Display, YouTube or Google Shop.

That said, the operation of Google AdWords is simple, although it is best to do it with someone who has the experience to make good bids and design a good campaign.


In the end, this type of investment has some advantages, among which we would like to highlight:

  • Currently, there are more and more people who want to book online in real time.Therefore, advertising with this objective will be a huge success. You will also have a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • The ads will be seen by people who have an interest in your restaurant (whether it’s the type of food, the location, the experience, the environment, and more)
  • Moreover, even AdWords will attract to your restaurant people who are within the geographical area that you limit.
  • It is a very economical medium. You pay for the progress. Which means, you will pay for the received clicks. Therefore, you will be paying for each potential customer who is interested in your restaurant.
  • Moreover, in addition to low economic investment, it is also a scalable and flexible option.
  • AdWords is a tool that helps you obtain a good cost-benefit. That’s why it enables you to optimize campaigns and recommends keywords.
  • You can see how your average ad is evolving.
  • You can even see and measure what has been your ROI is the monitoring of investments.

Also, the total scope is almost immediate and is of quality. We must not forget that this past year they were doing about 2.3 million searches per second in Google. Therefore the fact of taking advantage of AdWords to enter that vast world of Google is an excellent option.

The combination of SEO and SEM (Adwords) has favorable results in the medium and long term. That being said, we can only conclude by saying that AdWords campaigns are one of the best options to grow.

Do you want to start with AdWords campaign for restaurant but not sure how to do it properly? Then contact us! Talk with our experts! We have helped many restaurants just like yours to thrive in this digital era. We help them making their tables full every single day.  What are you waiting for? See you on the chat!