Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Your Facebook business page should work as a unique source for your customers and fans; The goal is to build a community, encouraging page visits and comments. Due to the presence of your Facebook page on the Internet, this is likely to be the first place where your customers can search for you.

Make sure your page includes the following information, at a minimum:

  • Link to your website / online ordering website
  • Address, telephone number and office hours.
  • Your menu

‚ÄčAs on Instagram, the importance of images cannot be overstated. Adding a photo at least once a day on Facebook is a smart tactic. You can use them from your Instagram, or you can post original photos optimized for Facebook.

While food shots still work well on Facebook, this is a better place to post some photos of your team, operations and customers who enjoy the food. Whether it is a bar that shows the fun moments that your nightly clients have or a family restaurant that shows a young child eating ice cream for dessert, you can definitely find ways to present customers in an interesting way.