Digital menu boards have replaced the old chalk boards.  It is less time consuming and can be more appealing and eye popping to the customer.   Also with recent federal mandates certain restaurants are required to post nutrition information of their food items.  There are also many benefits to ditching the old handwritten menu boards and going to digital. Here is a list of 12 benefits of going digital:


  1. Centralized control of menu board content
  2. Better pricing flexibility
  3. Lower cost to menu changes
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Increased sales of promotional items
  6. Improved Operating Efficiency
  7. Better compliance with menu labeling laws
  8. Higher average tickets
  9. Increased sales of high ticket items
  10. Improved order accuracy
  11. Increased foot traffic
  12. Higher margins per transaction

Let’s not forget the cross promoting as well.  You can encourage reviews, social engagement, ordering ahead, signing up for text messaging, and more.  Give the user a visual they won’t forget and a constant reminder how they can engage with you. The possibilities are endless and having a digital menu board should be part of your marketing strategy.

I Do Restaurant Marketing can create the graphical images and software to manage your restaurants digital menus.  Most restaurant owners see this as an expensive option and opt out of digital menus. However, we can show how easy and cost effective it is to have a digital menu. We can offer this as part of our low cost package or as a one time service.   Please feel free to contact us today to find out more!